Lyric Piano, the company that first started as a major supplier for piano parts and accessories in the Philippines, has further evolved ventured into teaching music.


Families who purchased our pianos asked for an accompanying curriculum which prompted Mr. Severo Panganiban to devise one for a music school. Thus in 1979, 15 years after the company was founded, Lyric Music School was born.


With a curriculum based on developing and prioritizing the needs of its learners, Lyric Music School was able to build on the talents of its students and equipped them into being the people they are now today — educators, artists, performers, school and stage directors, among others.


Currently in its 35th year, the Lyric Music School, now Lyric Institute of Music and Related Arts, continues to change lives by honing and nurturing the talents of both its students and its faculty. We have expanded into 23 branches to match the high demands of the young generation today.  Lyric Institute of Music and Related Arts offers music lessons for people of all ages and skill levels.


The school offers one-on-one lessons for Piano (children’s and adults’ courses); Guitar (acoustic/classical, electric, and Jazz/Blues/Rock classes); Bass; Drums, Violin and viola; Flute; Clarinet; Voice; and Saxophone in various skill levels. There are also special courses for Cello (individual lessons, group lessons, and kids’ level) as well as Percussion (Jazz/Latin/Hip Hop, individual lessons, and group lessons). We can accommodate musicians who are just starting out as well as intermediate players. You are never too young or too old to learn music!


You may inquire at the nearest Lyric stores for more information.