Tech 21 Fly Rig 5 V2


Tech 21 Fly Rig 5 V2


Multi-effects pedal for electric guitar
Front-loaded with your choice of Plexi or Cali-style overdrive
SansAmp amplifier emulation section offers you a massive range of amp tone
Delay section serves up slap delays, long trailing ambiences, and everything in between
Dedicated tap tempo switch makes it easy to adjust your delay timing on the fly
Built-in effects loop and chromatic tuner
All-analog signal path ensures high-quality sound that responds smoothly to your playing


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Sleek, compact and simply awesome, the gunmetal-finish Fly Rig 5 is a tiny tonal titan, a thoroughbred professional unit armed with sweet analog tones. Weighing in at just over 18 oz. and under 12 inches in length, you can rule the road, rehearsal or recording gig. No stinkin’ van, no heavy flight cases, no cable spaghetti, no dead weight.

PLEXI / CALI – Provides the dirtier side of the Fly Rig. You have a choice of a roaring Plexi tone with its muscular crunch, detailed mids and mule-kick low end or the chunk of a ‘70s high gain amp tone inspired by the then-boutique shop over on the West Coast. Each mode can be dialed in to your liking with dedicated Drive, Tone and Level controls

BOOST – Switchable Pre/Post Boost up to approx 12dB to beef up drive and distortion or increase the overall volume to punch up fills and solos.

SANSAMP – Has the tonality of the Blonde Character Series pedal. It includes 3-band active EQ, Level and Drive controls. To dirty things up, you have the flexibility of using the Drive control, the Boost function, or you can add grit from the Plexi/Cali section. Or all three. Each method achieves different tones.

DELAY WITH TAP TEMPO – Voiced for the sounds of a vintage tape echo, with Time and Repeats controls. The Delay includes a switch to change from 1/4-notes to dotted 8ths. A Drift button adds a random, unpredictable element to the modulation in keeping with its vintage roots.

REVERB – Independent footswitchable reverb with choice of large and small “room sizes.”

EFFECT LOOP – Post-SansAmp, pre-effects to patch in external effect pedals.

TUNER – Chromatic Tuner, operable via the BLONDE/TUNER footswitch. You simply hold the footswitch down to engage, which simultaneously mutes the signal path.



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