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Let’s introduce the Lyric A800
Have you ever imagined a keyboard with sounds so real and music styles so alive that it seems like you’re playing in a live band, then it is time to discover the latest Lyric A800 Keyboard/Arranger!
The Lyric A800 uses a complete new sound chip which makes him sound totally different from the other Lyric models. Listen to the stunning piano’s, guitars, strings and drum kits with real natural sounds. The Lyric A800 comes with 583 sounds and 230 styles programmed by the Lyric sound engineers. The styles and voices sound really ‘live’, like you are playing in front of a live audience.

An easy computer connection
A USB connector allows to exchange MIDI data with a computer. A second USB device connections allows you to plug in a USB device and store your sounds, songs and registrations on a memory stick.

Breathtaking musical contents
The Lyric A800 comes with 230 styles created by our engineers using our newest sound chip with more dynamic voices than ever. Each style with 4 fill-ins and different layers to make the sound more professional. This will also exploit the full potential of the the powerful sound engine. Press the ‘Piano’ button and the A800 will transform itself to a stage piano with breathtaking piano sounds.

On board effects
There are several effects sections on the Lyric A800. First there is a harmony section for playing melodies with two or more harmony parts, according to the chords you play with your left hand. Then there is a DSP effects processor with 45 different sound effects. From reverb to chorus, fuzz, or radio sound, name it and you will find it in the A800’s effects section.

Programming sounds
The synthesizer has different parameters which can be used tot ‘re-style’ the sound. Do you like to change something in a piano- or brass sound, use one of the different parameters, change the sound as much as you like and store it in one of 9 memories. You can backup the memory on an external memory stick.

Connect anything you’d like
To give a good live performance in front of an audience you need extra tools like a volume pedal, external speakers to make your presentation complete. Therefore the Lyric A800 allows you to connect it to an external sound system, you van connect a volume- and sustain pedal or link it to an extra sound module or computer using the MIDI or USB connections.

Keyboard: 61 keys (velocity sensitive)
Sounds: 583 voices, 10 user voices
Polyphony: 64-note (maximum)
Rhythms: 230 accompaniments (4 variations each), 5 external styles
Rhythm controls: Start/Stop, Sync start, Sync Stop, Intro/Ending 1&2, Repeat A/B, Fill-A, Fill-B, Fill-C, Fill-D, Fade, A.B.C. Mode
Songs: 125 Songs, 5 user songs
Sequencer: Record and playback, Start/Stop, Pause, Rwe, FFwd, Accomp, melody 1, melody 2, melody 3, melody 4, melody 5
Overall controls: Volumeknop, Performance, IFX, Tempo +/-, Mixer, Function Lesson, Left, Right/Chord Dictionary, Bank Store, M1-M6, Store, Freeze, O.T.S., Enter, Yes/No, Style, Enter, Back, Dual, Split, Touch, Sustain, DSP, Harmony, Lower, Metronome, Demo, Piano, Transpose +/-, Octaaf +/-, Pitch Bend, Modulate, USB Device, – MIDI I/O/T
Registration memory: 48 User
Speakers: 2x 15 Watt / 2x 25 Watt
Connections: Adapter 12 Volts, Headphones, Aux In, Aux Out, Sustain pedal, Volume pedal, USB (MIDI), USB/Device
Dimensions: 970mm (w) x 390mm (d) x 160mm (h)
Weight: 9.0Kg
Accessories: Manual, Music rest

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