Eminence Kilomax Pro 15a

Eminence Kilomax Pro 15a

Nominal Basket Diameter: 15″, 381mm
Nominal Impedance: 8 ohms
Power Rating: 1250W
Music Program : 2500W
Resonance: 41Hz
Usable Frequency Range: 44Hz-800Hz
Sensitivity: 95.5
Magnet Weight: 109 oz.
Gap Height: 0.375″, 9.53mm
Voice Coil Diameter: 4″, 101.6mm

Price upon request. For more info please contact our head office at (02) 411-4376

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The BIGGEST BASS for the buck!
The Eminence Kilomax Pro 18A PA Replacement Speaker is a perfect subwoofer for DJ rigs, touring subs, club subs, and bass guitar cabs. The Kilomax features a Kapton coil former for increased rigidity and thermal protection; a polyamide-coated, 2-layer copper voice coil for improved power handling and durability; ferrite magnet material; 0.25″ extended core for greater cone travel and increased power handling; die-cast aluminum basket for rigidity; a paper cone; Kilomax aluminum heatsink to transfer heat from the motor structure; and core periphery ventilation.

The Kilomax 18 woofer is best suited for standard ported enclosures.