Kawai RX-2


The 5'10″ RX-2 combines the stately presence of a classic grand with an exquisite clarity of tone unmatched by other pianos in its class. With a rich history of international acclaim, the RX-2 is the popular choice for homes, schools, churches and teaching studios. It offers superb tonal depth and resonance to suit a variety of musical situations, and a graceful beauty that will add ambiance to any home, studio, or performance venue.

Main Features
Millennium III Action™ with Carbon Fiber
Exclusive Carbon Jack
Exclusive NEOTEX™ Key Surfaces
Mahogany Hammer Mouldings
CORE™ System for superior tone
Exclusive “Hard Finish” Music Rack
Steel Reinforced Keyslip
Ultra-Slow Fallboard Closing System

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Product Description

Action – Millennium III with ABS-Carbon

Length – 5’10” (178 cm)

Width – 60″ (152 cm)

Height – 40″ (102 cm)

Weight – 661 lbs. (300 kg)

White Keys – NEOTEX™

Black Keys – NEOTEX™

Key Material – Spruce

Scale – Full Duplex


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