JBL Launch at the New Glorietta branch

The JBL launch at our 2nd store in Glorietta and the new store will focus on Yamaha, Peavey and JBL products. The other store will still be open and other items will still be available there. The JBL launch marks the partnership between Lyric and JBL company. The event started with priestly benediction followed by the ribbon cutting ceremony and then the interview from other media partners. Jensen Gomez of the Jensen And The Flips is also present in the event. He also gave some people an awesome acoustic performance.

This is another milestone for Lyric and we hope that we give you more services in the upcoming days and years to come.

The new Lyric Glorietta branch




The priestly benediction of the new Glorietta store.

Lyric’s president Ms. Alma Joy P. Cristobal during her speech.

Jensen Gomez of Jensen and the Flips. \m/ -_- \m/

Gadgets Magazine’s representative with Mr. Ramesh during the interview.

Speed Magazine’s representative with Mr. Ramesh during the interview.

Billboard PH’s representative with Mr. Ramesh during the interview.

PULP Magazine’s representative with Mr. Ramesh during the interview.

Kawai Japan and PTGP Piano Tuning Training on July 17-24, 2017

Keeping true to its thrust of promoting and sustaining piano building and innovation, Kawai Musical Instruments Co., Ltd. Japan, continues to develop technical expertise such as piano tuning. To this end, Kawai, in partnership with the Piano Teacher’s Guild of the Philippines Foundation (PTGP), and in cooperation with Lyric Piano, will be conducting a training workshop on basic piano tuning.

The 7-day intensive training will be held on July 17-24, 2017 at the Lyric Educational Center, located at 184 Dr. Alejo St., Laloma, QC. The workshop will be conducted by Mr. Takanori Otake, Kawai Master Piano Artisan and Manager of Education & Tech. Service Strategy Department, Kawai Musical Instruments Co., Ltd. Japan.

For registration, contact Mr. Anthony Say of the Piano Teachers Guild of the Philippines (PTGP) at 0917-814-4376 or email at askptgp@yahoo.com.

La Passio De Crist

Last April 7, 2017, UP Symphonic band along with Lyric and CCP performed their Holy Week Presentation entitled “La Passio De Crist”. As the title says, It is a story based on the biblical writings about the life of Jesus Christ starting from his birth up to the day when he died on the cross.

The show is composed of 3 segments. First is the “Birth. Massacre of the Innocents. The Baptism”, the segment starts with the birth of Jesus Christ, the killing of the innocents as ordered by King Herod up to the point where Jesus Christ was baptised by John the baptist. The next segment is “The Three Temptations” depicting Jesus Christ’s temptation from evil when he was meditating in the wilderness. And the last part of the show is the “Arrival at the Temple. The Last Supper. Arrest. Sentence. Crucifixion. Hope.” which shows his entrance to the temple, his last supper with his 12 disciples, his arrest, the sentence Pilate gave to him up to his death on the cross. The band’s performance was depictedly convinced the emotions of the scenes.

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Chick Corea on MOTIF XF8

Legendary jazz keyboardist and Yamaha Artist Chick Corea plays “Spanish Key” on the MOTIF XF8 during the celebration of International Jazz Day at the Whitehouse. The event also featured big names in Jazz and Soul such as Herbie Hancock and Aretha Franklin, who together performed memorable tunes such as “A Song For You”. Truly, only the best choose and play the best brands.

Be legendary. Visit your nearest Lyric store and experience greatness with Yamaha keyboards.

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Fazioli Piano @ CCP

Lyric proudly presents, the Fazioli piano!Совершение бартерных операций

The intricate method of unboxing the Fazioli piano is shown in these photos. Each of these pianos is individually handcrafted by combining high quality materials with the finest workmanship and technology, resulting in these beautiful pieces of artwork. And that is why Mr. Fekete Attila took the necessary precautions in the unboxing. Oooopss. Careful!







Lyric Alabang Town Center

Heads up! #Lyric Alabang Town Center just got a makeover and is now fully stacked(and stocked) to cater to your musical needs! Satisfy your GAS and visit us at the G/F, Space 135, Promenade Mall, Alabang Town Center, Muntinlupa City.Как составить семантическое ядро для сайта

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MCO & Lyric – Tribute To The Masters

Manila Chamber Orchestra, in cooperation with Lyric Piano, continues its line of concerts aptly entitled “Tribute To The Masters”. The performances feature musical prodigies like Anne Marie Caldoza, who showcased her talents last June 22, 2016 at the Ayala Museum, Makati City. http://kahovka-service.ru

This event was brought to you by the partnership of Manila Chamber Orchestra and Lyric Piano and Organ Corporation. Support Classical Music and tune in for more!


Francis Reyes on Squier Mustang Demo

Here’s a brief video showcasing the different tones you can get from the Mustang with its two switches. There are some clams in the playing 🙂http://rpk-tramplin.ru

With the Mustang’s pickups in or out-of-phase, there are snappy tones that lend themselves well to indie rock, funk, blues, and country.

This Indonesian-made Squier Mustang was taken straight from the box and plugged into a Blackstar ID:Core Beam 🙂