There are countless virtuoso drumming legends, living and not, who achieve the the technical, and translate the emotional, peaks that most musicians aspire to achieve. Whether it’s natural talent, an obsessive dedication to the craft, or both in equal measure, the greatest drummers have, in a nutshell, a healthy balance between technical chops and a mastery of grooves from the sublime to the booty-shaking. The intent and intensity–implied or overt–  are elements that even non-drummers can appreciate on a gut level.

23 year-old Yamaha drums endorser Senri Kawaguchi is already poised to become one of the greats. She started at 5, then studied with drum master Kozo Suganuma at 8. By the time she turned 13, she was listed on Drummerworld‘s Top 500 Drummers list, the youngest one so far, and the second from Japan (the legendary Akira Jimbo is the other).

She has the technical firepower and unerring facility like all the greats before her. And she often breaks into wide smiles–in between complex rolls and funky odd meter navigation–that express: “This is so much fun!” Her chops are disarming enough but the playful spirit she injects into every drum hit and groove is rare. Frankly, when was the last time you saw smiles and serious facility together?

We’ll let you know more about Senri (in case you weren’t aware of her until now) in the coming weeks, but we’ll let you know this much: she will be holding a Lyric/Yamaha drum workshop on February 22, 2020 in Teatrino, Promenade, Greenhills. Check out the video below as she burns–with that joyful spark– with fusion vets Philippe Saisse (keyboards) and Armand Sabal-Lecco (bass) who comprise the Senri Kawaguchi Triangle.


The Piano Teachers’ Guild of the Philippines Foundation Inc., in collaboration with Lyric Piano and Organ Corp., will be hosting a Piano Competition for Young Artists in celebration of Lyric’s 56th Anniversary.

The competition is supported by Kawai Japan and Yamaha Japan.

The Competition is open to both Local and Foreign participants residing in the Philippines for at least THREE
(3) years with the following age categories:

• Category A: 10 years old and below (must be born after 1 March 2010)
• Category B: 11 – 14 years old (must be born before 1 March 2009 and after 1 March 2006)
• Category C: 15 – 19 years old (must be born before 1 March 2005 and after 1 March 2000)

A VIDEO ROUND will serve as the PRELIMINARY ROUND, to be selected by various jurors. The deadline for submission of videos will be on 2 February 2020.

Participants who will move on to the SEMI-FINAL round will be notified via e-mail.
SEMI-FINAL Round will be on 8 March 2020 (Sunday) (Venue TBA).

Participants who will move on to the FINAL round will be announced on the day.

FINAL ROUND will be on 29 March 2020 (Consunji Theater, College of Civil Engineering, UP Diliman,
Quezon City).

For the complete Guidelines and requirements, click on this link.

The application form can be found here.