An Introduction: the Shigeru Kawai SK2 Grand Piano

“As long as you are building pianos, you should strive to build the finest ones in the world.”

These are the words of Koichi Kawai, founder of Kawai Pianos. Also known as Hatsumei Koichi (Koichi the Inventor), he was the first person in Japan to design and build a complete piano action. The dedication to creating the best pianos was also ingrained in the mind of a young worker adopted by the Kawai family named Shigeru. His love and commitment was recognized by Koichi himself and was trained to create pianos from scratch. When Koichi died, Shigeru took over the company despite sadness. For 35 years, he pushed to make the Kawai company an industry leader fueled by Japanese quality. Shigeru  often said, “Creating pianos is the greatest job I have ever had !”

It is only fitting then that his namesake line of Kawai pianos carries the commitment to high quality craftsmanship (and love for pianos) that he learned from and shared with  his adoptive father. The Shigeru Kawai SK2 is created by “Kawai’s most esteemed sound creators proudly known as Master Piano Artisans (MPA). They are the only individuals who can send Shigeru Kawai pianos out into the world. The title of MPA is a special qualification, bestowed upon the finest piano technician-those who possess skill, dedication, and a passion for music.” In short, they carry the same passion as Koichi and Shigeru Kawai themselves.

Watch the video overview below.

For the exquisite details of the Shigeru Kawai SK2’s features, click on this link.

Kawai Pianos are distributed in the Philippines by Lyric Piano Corp.

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