La Passio De Crist

Last April 7, 2017, UP Symphonic band along with Lyric and CCP performed their Holy Week Presentation entitled “La Passio De Crist”. As the title says, It is a story based on the biblical writings about the life of Jesus Christ starting from his birth up to the day when he died on the cross.

The show is composed of 3 segments. First is the “Birth. Massacre of the Innocents. The Baptism”, the segment starts with the birth of Jesus Christ, the killing of the innocents as ordered by King Herod up to the point where Jesus Christ was baptised by John the baptist. The next segment is “The Three Temptations” depicting Jesus Christ’s temptation from evil when he was meditating in the wilderness. And the last part of the show is the “Arrival at the Temple. The Last Supper. Arrest. Sentence. Crucifixion. Hope.” which shows his entrance to the temple, his last supper with his 12 disciples, his arrest, the sentence Pilate gave to him up to his death on the cross. The band’s performance was depictedly convinced the emotions of the scenes.

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