Chick Corea on MOTIF XF8

Legendary jazz keyboardist and Yamaha Artist Chick Corea played Miles Davis’ “Spanish Key” off the legendary  album Bitches Brew on the MOTIF XF8 during the celebration of International Jazz Day at the White House. Guitarist John McLaughlin also played; both were part of the 1970 recording sessions that purportedly birthed “fusion” which sparked debates in the jazz community as to whether Miles Davis was expanding the idiom’s vocabulary or destroying it.

The event also featured big names in Jazz and Soul such as Herbie Hancock (himself a Davis/Brew alumnus) and Aretha Franklin, who together performed memorable tunes such as “A Song For You”.

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Fazioli Piano @ CCP

Lyric proudly presents, the Fazioli piano!Совершение бартерных операций

The intricate method of unboxing the Fazioli piano is shown in these photos. Each of these pianos is individually handcrafted by combining high quality materials with the finest workmanship and technology, resulting in these beautiful pieces of artwork. And that is why Mr. Fekete Attila took the necessary precautions in the unboxing. Oooopss. Careful!